Good news at last?: Mining head-hunter says the clouds are parting


This opinion in reported in bodes well for the future


If recruiting is picking up, then that has to be a great sign.


Fingers crossed!

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The Underground Dwellers of Cooper Pedy

Opal mining in the Australian outback
Opals - This is what Cooper Pedy is all about
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British Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan

We are proud to announce that we have been accepted as full members of the British Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan (BCCK)


BCCK is developing a strong interest in mining within this mineral rich country and we hope to see considerable developments in the next few years after a period of poor foreign investment. More on this on BCCK's website here.


In almost 11 years that we have been in Kazakhstan, we have developed a strong understanding and knowledge of the country, its social and business cultures and of course mining in the region.


If you wish to know more, please contact Chris at or directly with BCCK at either or fill in the message form on BCCK's website here



Newmont Marches On

Newmont Mining's new mining project in Suriname
Adriaan van Kersen, Managing Director, Surgold; Gary Goldberg, President and CEO, Newmont; Jim Hok, Minister of Natural Resources for Suriname; Marc Waaldijk, Managing Director, Staatsolie




Chris Brodie had the good fortune to work for Newmont Mining from Jul 1999 until Dec 2005. What an excellent employer then and, from its ambitions reflected in this article in, it seems to be continuing this trend.


Their new project in Suriname will add to their productivity. We wish them good fortune.




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Burkina Faso: A Top 5 Gold Producer in Africa

I spent much of 2015 working in Burkina Faso, at the Karma project during development, then owned by True Gold Mining, now taken over by Endeavour Mining.


My task was to design supply chain processes to suit a developing mine in a remote region, compatible with its chosen ERP system.


Burkina Faso is an exciting country for mining and our associate company Aquila Limited is today supplying Chinese and SE Asian mining consumables to this country.


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Just In Case...



Just in case you expect this to happen in your lifetime, here is a great infograph on:





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Hitachi Construction to buy Australia’s Bradken for $528 million

This is a big one! 


$528 mill. That's a chunk of money. Hitachi must believe it's worth it. So must Bradken as it's a lot more than the market thinks Bradken is worth! 


What do you think?