OECD Kazakhstan Mining Competitiveness Project  Enhancing Competitiveness and Attracting FDI to the Mining Sector 

In October 2015, Chris was approached by OECD to contribute to this initiative.  


OECD's aim, in concert with the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is, in OECD's words:

The OECD Kazakhstan Mining Competitiveness Project aims to boost the competitiveness of Kazakhstan’s mining sector, improve the business climate for mining, and attract foreign direct investment. Working directly with the Government of Kazakhstan, businesses and experts, the project addresses critical policy areas, by focusing on enhancing rule of law and regulations, attracting investment in exploration, creating clusters with local suppliers, and helping the country move up the mining value chain. 


A conference call was arranged with Chris on 27 October 2015, attended by several key OECD members of this project, during which Chris spoke at length concerning the mining situation in Kazakhstan and his concerns and suggestions for further development.


In January, Chris attended a workshop in Astana by invitation and spoke further about development needs, especially relating to sub-soil procurement legislation, its limitations and future development. This legislation is administered by NADLoC (National Agency for Development of Local Content Joint-Stock Company), with a representative at the workshop.


Further information concerning both October's telephone conference and this month's workshop will be provided in additional blogs.


OECD Project Factsheet 




Things just keep getting better and better for AIM-listed Central Asia Metals

Central Asia Metals is one of the few juniors still operating in mining-depressed Kazakhstan, and isn't it doing well?.


Check out how well here:



Courtesy: Asia Miner


The World's 10 Coldest Mines

Check out the 10 coldest mines in the world.  And guess where they are.  Right!  All in Russia!


The coldest average minimum is a stunning -46.7C.  Can you imagine what the peak lows are!  No, me neither!




Courtesy: mining.com


Health, Happiness & Success in 2016

Although prospects for mining in 2016 don't look promising right now, there is always room for optimism.  Mining is cyclical and the situation will improve given time.  How long this will take is the big question.  


Every year for the last few years, we expected that the new year will bring an upturn.  Every year, it seems that we are disappointed,  This year doesn't appear to be a promising year either but who really knows?  China, the cause of the current dip in metal prices to record low levels (at least in recent memory), may be biting the bullet and getting the bad news out of the way. Let's hope it's that and not something more sinister. Let's hope that China's economy is not in as poor shape as some reporters think.  China seems to be the mining metals price driver right now.


No-one has a crystal ball.  Every year, pundits predict a wide range of economic possibilities and average metals prices.  Very few get close.  Who predicted this economic downturn?  Who predicted gold's drop of a third?  Who can say what will happen in 2016?


Anything can happen, and probably will.