Capability Statement - CIS (Former Soviet Union)

In the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), CBC extends its international abilities by harnessing the skills of local graduates and developing their capabilities to match those of the needs of both Chris Brodie Consulting (CBC) and its international and domestic clients in the mining industry. As a result, CBC offers a multi-lingual, cost-effective service encompassing local knowledge with wide international experience. 


CBC is experienced in the demanding logistics and importation procedures of CIS and recognises the importance of minimising project costs. From first-hand experience, CBC's team is competent to advise and assist on all aspects of supply chain and importation projects throughout the region.


We are knowledgeable in providing:

- pre-qualification and bid tenders for design institutes, construction, steelwork, infrastructure, materials and equipment,

- commercial evaluations and full support for technical evaluations,

- recommendations and contract negotiation,

- contract preparation and

- management in English and Russian.


Importantly, we are most experienced in the business and social cultures of this challenging region.