Back to Africa

My time is now totally dedicated to implementation of supply chain at a new gold mine project in Burkina Faso, due to come on stream in 2016. This includes design of procurement, logistics, warehousing and inventory processes, preparation of manuals, recruitment of personnel and, most importantly, training.  

Hand in hand is coordination of SCM processes with Sage 300 ERP software, currently being introduced. 

Most of the background work has been done off site at our office, with frequent visits for coordination. Shortly, the time spent in BF will increase as recruitment gathers pace, procedures are implemented and training is given, as most of the personnel will be locally recruited.

Note: there are vacancies for two expatriate positions:

- Supply Chain Manager

- Warehouse Manager

The positions require experienced and knowledgeable managers with 5 years experience in similar positions, preferably in West Africa, and preferably French speaking. They must be ERP system-literate and experienced.

I will try to update the blog more regularly in future as developments get more interesting, now that design work and preparation is coming to a close.


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