The Underground Dwellers of Cooper Pedy

Opal mining in the Australian outback
Opals - This is what Cooper Pedy is all about
Miners live underground in the central Australian desert to avoid the extreme high temparatures
Opal miner's home in Cooper Pedy


This is not a new story by a long chalk. I've known about Cooper Pedy for most of my long mining life, and here it is again.


This article implies that it was found accidentally. A bit of poetic license perhaps, but the article is interesting none the less.


Courtesy: National Geographic

Waste from opal mining in central Australia
Desolation - Opal Mining in Cooper Pedy, Australia
Some of these shafts go down a looooong way!
A home made drill rig at a Cooper Pedy opal mine
What do they do for entertainment?
Cooper Pedy, Australia
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