Change Management

Whether your mine is starting up, in transition during operations or closing down there are many occasions when making supply chain changes are necessary and desirable. 


Mines develop though growth, contraction, M&A and new technological improvements.  Supply chain must continually adapt to ensure success.


Your hard-working supply personnel may not have the time or resources to dedicate to planning and undertaking change programs at the same time as handling their busy day-to-day activities. 


Often, improvements and development in supply must fit in with similar activity in other areas of your business, particularly finance.  Delays caused by lack of attention due to other priories or to lack of expertise will hamper projects and hold your business back.


-          Aligning new systems and procedures corporately;

-          Design and layout of facilities and fittings; Selection of equipment;

-          Process mapping and implementation;

-          Implementing and integrating manual and electronic processes;

-          Recruiting, training and developing personnel;

-          Setting up;

-          IT upgrades, add-ons and improvements;

-          M&A coordination.


Whatever the changes, large or small, please call to determine how we make transition easier for your business.