Specialised Tasks and Projects

From time-to-time, special supply related tasks and projects arise in addition to change management and process improvement.  These may be:

-          Inventory related activities such as:

o   stocktaking,

o   inventory reviews

o   warehouse restructuring

-          New system implementation

-          Data preparation

-          Short-term personnel needs

-          Training and development

-          Work manual preparation and process mapping

-          Logistics reviews and route surveys

-          Procurement tasks:

o   Backlog clearance

o   Supplier payments corrections and clearance

o   Expediting backlogs

o   Data reviews and clearances (that may be affecting replenishment and payments)



Your busy day-to-day supply chain routine is affected by specific tasks and projects such as these and may require additional outsourced resources to complete deliverables in a thorough, accountable and timely manner. This is where we are able to support you.  Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.