Supply Chain Management Policies & Procedures Manual Template

Over many years, we have developed a valuable comprehensive template to provide SCM professionals with a manual that is readily adaptable to your mine and immediately usable. 


The modular format allows you to select those areas of most interest and encompass every aspect of system-driven and manual processes. 


The document is prepared in English and is written in simple language to ensure that it is easy to read.


We offer to adapt the manual to your specifics (ERP, location, process) if required.  We are available for training and familiarisation as required.


Manual Template Modules

  1. Manual Introduction and Overview
  2. Contents Page
  3. Definitions
  4. Acronyms
  5. Appendices
  6. SCM Introduction and Overview
  7. Manpower Resources
  8. Procurement Policies
  9. Procurement Procedures
  10. Logistics
  11. Receipts
  12. Services Procurement
  13. Capital Procurement
  14. Supplier Relations
  15. Inventory
  16. Warehouse
  17. Finance
  18. Customer Relations

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