Process Improvements and System Alignment

Mining supply chain is crucial to your business and even in the best of circumstances, when things are not going quite right, production, morale and the bottom line are all adversely affected. 


If left unattended, confidence in supply department drops and users implement their own workaround practices taking more and more responsibility for securing their own needs, often by direct supplier contact and squirrel stores.


It is crucial to ensure that your supply chain is problem free and working smoothly.  This is easier said than done as there are so many influencing factors to deviate processes and cause difficulties:

-          Inventory over- and under-stocking – often at the same time;

-          Slow processes;

-          Personnel performance issues;

-      Training issues;

-          Poor supplier relations – often through poor payment histories;

-          Delayed deliveries through ineffective planning and supply lines;

-          Reporting and monitoring deficiencies.


Business Costs

Business costs are affected adversely when supply department is not performing at an acceptable level:

-          Emergency ordering with higher transport costs;

-          Production losses;

-          Project delays;

-          Over-stocking and squirrel stores;

-          Lost discount opportunities through poor supplier relations;

-          Inaccurate replenishment processes causing over supply and shortages.

And perhaps equally as bad, complaints, accusations and low morale create negativity which in itself is costly.



Left to continue, things will deteriorate. They are unlikely to resolve themselves without a helping hand.


Sometimes the people involved are too busy bailing water to fix the boat – they don’t have time to put things right. Other times, you may not have the skills or resources to attend to the issues. 


Either way, we have the capabilities to steady the ship, put things on an even keel and to ensure that expectations are met.


We do this by

1. Reviewing your situation, assessing gaps and needs and providing you with a corrective action plan.

2. If required, we are able to provide specialist manpower resources to help with your action plan.

3. We also offer to monitor ongoing performance and highlight areas of concern before they become a problem.


We guarantee that costs involved are far outweighed by financial and efficiency benefits that accrue.


Please call us today to discuss how we may help your business supply chain to reach its highest level of performance.