Chris Brodie Consulting - 1st Qtr Update - 3rd and Final Part

Chris Brodie Consulting

Part 3 of 3 of CBC's 1st quarter update 


Part 1 can be reviewed here

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Although commodity prices remain low, consensus indicates that prices may have bottomed out. Copper bounced back over $5,000 per tome in March and although it has dropped again, hopes are growing that this is a positive indication. There is still a long slow hill to climb, but we believe that we are on the lower reaches of the path that will, eventually and inevitably, cycle back round to strong mining activity.


Mining continues around the world and much of our work this year is with exploration projects. Exploration is key to future growth for mining companies and those that continue exploration and development will be ready to bring resources on line much quicker than those companies that curtailed or ceased exploration during this downturn. Our aim is to increase our work with such forward-thinkers.


Operating mining companies have felt the pinch for the last few years and we continue to help those that know the true benefits of strong supply chain management. We are able to do this by:

  • Process audits
  • Reviewing and suggesting improvements to existing processes
  • Assisting with implementation of those improvements
  • Training and development of SCM personnel
  • Providing short- and medium-term personnel at all levels
  • Special projects, such as ERP upgrades and change management projects
  • Logistics management
  • We are called in to conduct confidential forensic audits from time to time, often in association with process audits

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We currently have spare capacity. Don’t hesitate to:

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to discuss your mining supply chain needs further.


If mining is truly showing the first shoots of resurgence, this is the perfect time.

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    Chris Brodie (Tuesday, 26 April 2016 01:07)

    Since I drafted this, copper price is back up around $5,000 per tonne. Let's hope it keeps rising in the short-term. That it will in the long-term is assured.