Chris Brodie Consulting - First Quarter Update

This is the first of a three part update. Parts 2 and 3 will follow over the next few days.



22 APRIL 2016


Part 1: 2015


Towards the end of last year, business tailed down after substantial contracts with True Gold Mining (TGM) for most to of the year dedicated our resources. The deliverables for supply chain development of Vancouver-based TGM’s Karma mine were:

-          Assist the ERP implementation team with development, coordination and installation of supply chain manual and electronic processes

-          Design a complete supply chain process, including:

o   Requisitioning

o   Tendering and Bidding

o   Contracts and POs

o   Expediting, tracking and the movement of materials

o   Service orders and contracting

o   Inventory management and replenishment

o   Warehouse design and management

-         Providing a full and comprehensive Supply Chain Process Manual


All were accomplished by the end of the third quarter, leaving me free to work on other projects for the rest of 2015 from our bases in UK and Kazakhstan. These included partnering with Prolog Supply & Services Ltd, UK (more about this in a later post) and developing continuing business through a winter of depressed mining for our associate supply company Aquila Limited (more of this too in a later blog).



I also worked with the OECD working group in Kazakhstan. OECD is helping Kazakhstan to restructure its mining industry governance, a major undertaking that requires new laws and authorities. This is crucial to the well-being and future of Kazakhstan because of its economic reliance on its mineral wealth.


Thanks for reading part one of my Mining SCM blog


Parts 2 of 3 will be posted tomorrow


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