Health, Happiness & Success in 2016

Although prospects for mining in 2016 don't look promising right now, there is always room for optimism.  Mining is cyclical and the situation will improve given time.  How long this will take is the big question.  


Every year for the last few years, we expected that the new year will bring an upturn.  Every year, it seems that we are disappointed,  This year doesn't appear to be a promising year either but who really knows?  China, the cause of the current dip in metal prices to record low levels (at least in recent memory), may be biting the bullet and getting the bad news out of the way. Let's hope it's that and not something more sinister. Let's hope that China's economy is not in as poor shape as some reporters think.  China seems to be the mining metals price driver right now.


No-one has a crystal ball.  Every year, pundits predict a wide range of economic possibilities and average metals prices.  Very few get close.  Who predicted this economic downturn?  Who predicted gold's drop of a third?  Who can say what will happen in 2016?


Anything can happen, and probably will. 

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