Muruntau, Karimov, Misleading Headlines and the Aral Sea usually gets whatever they are reporting spot on. So their headline:

World's largest gold mine could come under threat

is a bit of a puzzle. Why? Because the article beneath the headline fails to explain this claim and merely reports on Karimov and Uzbekistan's Muruntau Mine statistics - it is the largest pit in the world, after all.


So what could mean? It's a puzzle because Uzbekistan is so politically closed, Karimov's passing is unlikely to herald any shift from the nation's political economic and tyrannical situation under his regime. Muruntau, as the economies foundation, isn't gong to change any time soon.


The article also includes a map of the area. Can anyone pick out the Aral Sea?

Below is the Aral Sea in 1985. We won't go into the well-documented 'whys and wherefores' here, but it's an economic disaster.

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