Where has this blog gone?

No question!  This blog has gone decidedly quiet.  Is this because I'm too lazy to update it?  Or perhaps I have nothing to say? No, the truth is that CBC has become remarkably busy this year.  And as there is only me, I haven't been able to service my blog!  So yes, it's because CBC is so busy.

As soon as I returned from a business trip to China for another of our companies, Aquila Limited, and following a short break in Hong Kong over Christmas, I immediately started work on a project with True Gold Mining Inc. in Burkina Faso, West Africa.  I first visited there on 7 January and have been busy with this project since then, designing and implementing supply chain processes. 

So, although tomorrow I am flying again to Ouagadougou for 3 weeks, I will resume in due course and share my experiences with this excellent company and my project progress.

More soon... 

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