Cultural Understanding

I work in many different countries and cultures, so have a special interest in cultural understanding. We Brits need to be more direct it seems from this simple guide of Anglo-Dutch understanding:


Anglo-Dutch Translation Guide

Source: How To Say “This Is Crap” In Different Cultures by Erin Meyer

Of course, this applies to everyone that works with others not of their own culture:

- be polite and direct

- say what you mean

- don't use colloquialisms

- clear speech - don't mumble

- slow speech - crucial if you want your listener to fully understand you

- interpret their response from their next comment or question

- interpret their response from their facial and body language

- question their understanding 

- repeat your words if understanding is in doubt.  Phrase it differently if necessary.

- if instructing, ask your listener to repeat the instruction in their own words

- state importance and deadline when giving instructions. Understanding expectations is crucial

- Don't assume understanding even if your listener says he understands.  

It is your responsibility to ensure understanding of YOUR statements and instructions.  Be prepared to repeat 3 times.

Working with different cultures is enjoyable and uplifting.  Understanding is crucial to success.

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