The Importance of 'FOCUS' in business

Another great video using VIMEO media and again employing Sparkol's Videoscribe software (see yesterday's blog) as an alternative and catchy medium for grabbing attention.  This was a top drawer presentation at Applied Industirial Technologies 90th annual shareholder meeting.


The message is clear: FOCUS.  Don't allow distractions to deflect your business from achieving your company's principal goals.


Messages such as this are important to remind us of our core objectives.  Profitablilty and shareholder value are key to this. Supply chain has an important part to play and directly affects corporate performance.  A negatiated saving for your direct materials directly impacts the bottom line.  


Chris Brodie has over 40 years experience in 'bigger picture' supply chain management and can help to direct your company to greater efficiencies and savings.


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