Setting Up An Operational Supply Chain - Management Controls

Tuesday 11 February 2014

Almaty Office, Kazakhstan

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The last blog identified 4 strategic mining supply chain stages.  These are:

1.      During mine development and construction

2.      At start-up

3.      During change management

4.      When performance fails to meet expectations.


The first has already been discussed in the last blog.  More on this can be seen at


The second also has an animated YouTube presentation covering the fundamentals of setting up a mining supply chain operation:

It also identifies what is fundamentally required for mining supply chain and as such may be used as an aide to adjusting existing supply chain operations although this is covered more fully in our last presentation, which we will address in later blogs.


Materials and services will directly affect the business by up to 40-50% depending on locations.  An efficient supply chain is essential to the harmony of the company, uninterrupted production and must remain within the company’s financial constraints.  It is therefore in the company’s best interests to coordinate the establishment of operational supply chain through a team effort involving the management of:

- Supply

- Human Resources

- Operational Customers (end-users representation)

- Finance

- Management

A Steering Committee comprising of decision-making representatives will aid this.  Supply management remains the driver.



Establishing supply chain effectively has many factors under consideration.  The first of these – manpower – will be discussed in the next blog.

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