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Wednesday 5 February 2014

Almaty Office, Kazakhstan

-14°C Sunny


I’m busy setting up my marketing approach through Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter and I plan to massage my business contacts over the next week.  This blog on my website is important too so that I can use it as a medium as it develops – and hopefully grows.


My elevator speech is:

“Although I have been consulting successfully for almost 20 years, I’m taking a fresh approach in 2014 to work on short & medium term mining supply chain consulting projects.  I have created Chris Brodie Consulting for this purpose, see website http://www.chrisbrodieconsulting.com   Pse contact me if you have supply chain projects and pse recommend me if you know of any.”

Short and sweet and aimed at those who know me and what I have been doing in recent years.


So what have I been doing in recent years?  Future blogs will anecdotally review my history from time-to-time.


In the meantime, I just want to re-emphasise what this is all about and what I plan to concentrate on.  Supply Chain in mining is important at strategic stages:

1.       During mine development and construction

2.  At start-up

3.      During change management

4.      When performance fails to meet expectations.


CBC helps at all these stages; I have long experience of these.  We will be examining these in details in future blogs.  Here are three teasers I prepared earlier:


Supply Chain for new mining developments and construction:



Setting up supply chain at a new mining project



Performance improvements and enhancements

and Change Management




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